Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist


It's a finalist!   Anne's book Scotland's Knight: The Journey, which she co-authored with Paul V. Hunter, was a FINALIST in the Royal Palm Literary Award "Historical Romance" category!

RPLA recognizes extraordinary writing in 27 genre-categories for adults and 5 for youth.

2019 Florida Writer's Conference


Anne attended the Florida Writer's Conference held in Altamonte Springs, Florida.   The conference featured more than 70 workshops and panels for beginning to advanced writers.

Anne's book  Scotland's Knight: The Journey, which she co-authored with Paul V. Hunter, was a finalist in the Historical Romance category

Research Trip to Scotland


Anne recently returned from a trip to Scotland where she spent time gathering information for her upcoming novel The Ghostwriter.

"It's a beautiful country, and having first-hand experience of seeing, smelling, and touching the land will make it more real and authentic for my readers."

Series Cover Redesigns


Let's face it, books are inevitably judged by their covers.  As the "Scotland's Knight" series was nearing completion it was time to upgrade the covers to better showcase the stories.  That's where Damonza came in. 

Damonza has produced thousands of book covers for a multitude of authors since its foundation, including many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. 

Writer's Digest Award Winner


It's a winner!    Anne's book Scotland's Knight: The Rose in the Glade, which she co-authored with Paul V. Hunter , was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Writer’s Digest’s 6th Annual Self-Published Ebook Awards "Romance" category! 

Writer’s Digest’s 6th Annual Self-Published Ebook Awards honors the best self-published ebooks in eight of the most popular categories

Website Redesign


annehawkinson.com recently went through a full redeisgn.  The focus of this refresh was to make the website streamlined and easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.  The website is now mobile friendly, allowing you to purchase Anne's books on the go!

With all new content, updated graphics, a clean layout, and convenient call-to-action buttons we hope that you will enjoy your visit!


Paul V. Hunter  and Anne K. Hawkinson

Where do you get your ideas?

ANNE:  Anywhere and everywhere! It can be a huckleberry, a can of paint, or a medieval castle. I keep my creative mind open and ready.



PAUL:   Anne is a fan of romance and I have in interest in the medieval period and we both decided in bringing them together which worked beautifully. Our ideas came from the brutal and barbaric time, what this would endure for both a man and a woman in a strained relationship of that period. It had to reflect the period of that time.

What is your writing process like?

ANNE:   I write in a linear fashion. I’m a plotter and an outliner. Within that structure, I find my creative freedom. 


PAUL:   We swap ideas continually, both aware of the drafts being sent constantly across the sea.  All ideas are scrutinised for their potential and importance for the story, and usually something that get’s both our attention will receive closer attention and excitement.  

Any advice for future writers?

ANNE:    Create a world and characters you love, for they will be with you forever! They will become real to you and touch your heart and soul in a way you never thought possible. 


PAUL:   Write! Just write.  Build up a body of work and learn the craft and your style will appear and improve. Your writing brain is a muscle, use it or lose it. There are so many writers out there and they are very selective. Write about something that is close to your heart. Read other books and embrace the art of writing.

What does literary success look like to you?

ANNE:   I feel I’ve succeeded if something I’ve written makes an emotional connection with the reader. If they’re invested and affected by the story, then I’ve done my job.


PAUL:   To be looked upon from other writers as one of them; to be remembered in the literary world as a writer who left something wonderful enough to be accepted, and that it was possible to have lived life as a writer.

What kind of research do you do before beginning a book?

ANNE:   Research (online, library, on-site, etc.) is paramount in creating the worlds in my stories. They have to be consistent, accurate, and believable.


PAUL:  Knowing what you are writing about is important.  For example, if the subject matter is the interior of a medieval house, I shall research the furniture, the eating habits, windows, walls, wood. I will read factual books on the subject and the internet is amazing for checking details, or I go visit castles and take photos. Each book is different, influencing the amount of time and information required.

What is your favorite childhood book?

ANNE:   Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm and A Fly Went By written by Mike McClintock.



PAUL:   A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (the most wonderful story ever written),The Time Machine by HG Wells, and Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.