"I had a fortunate upbringing in that I learned to read, print, and write (yes, cursive!) before I entered kindergarten. Bedtime stories were a nighttime ritual and reading continues to be a mainstay in all aspects  of my life.  ​


I am happy and proud to share the gifts that were bestowed upon me as I write books for young and adult readers, write about writing, and blog about topics that strike a personal and passionate chord with me.  
I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Master’s degree in Special Studies (Art History, Creative Writing, and Photography), a Bachelor’s degree in Art, and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History.​" 


- Anne K. Hawkinson


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Writer's Digest 6th Annual Self-Published E-Book Award

Writer’s Digest’s 6th Annual Self-Published Ebook Awards honors the best self-published ebooks in eight of the most popular categories.  Co-authors Anne and Paul's book Scotland's Knight: The Rose in the Glade took home first place in the Romance category. 

Royal Palm Literary Award

Anne was awarded a Royal Palm Literary Award for several of her books, including Scotland's Knight: The Rose in the Glade, The Mystery at Moz Hollow, The Red Door, Huckleberry Heart, Shula, and My Faraway Friend.  Her book Scotland's Knight: The Journey was a finalist in the 2019 RPLA awards.